Do you support Theme Updates in 7.3?

Hey guys,

Just wondering if you’re supporting the new in-app theme updates yet?

If so, so let me know as we’d love to mention you on the podcast and in the newsletter next week.


I’ve unfortunately not had a chance to work with the theme updating yet. I’ve been extremely busy working on some stuff for Foundry. As soon as I get this wrapped up I can start implementing this in my themes. I believe @weaver was mentioning having problems with implementation though, so I assume he’s working on getting it set up now.

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Yes I’m trying to implement it, It is working great with the Waterfall plugin, but it fails with RapidWeaver, I’ve added the:


But it is not showing any updates.

Now that I know you’re using a PHP file, I suspect this is your problem. Try using the appcast XML file.

@dan I already include support for Nimblehost Waterfall theme updates in all of my themes (seyDesign and ThemeFlood branded themes). And it’s always worked very reliably.

I was told that the RW 7.3 uses the same CFBundleShortVersionString, CFBundleVersion and SUFeedURL strings in the Info.plist file, for update checking. So in theory all my themes should support your update checking already.

Despite some of my customers claiming to have received some of my most recent theme updates (like Media 7.0) via update checking in RW 7.3, I have not seen any notifications myself of new theme updates becoming available! This includes theme updates from other developers too.

So I have not been able to confirm 100% if it is working. The ‘check for updates’ option in the RW menu seems to just check for RW updates, and I’m not seeing any new buttons in the addon manager to check for updates. So I don’t really know where notification of these theme updates should show?

I’ve tried falsifying the CFBundleShortVersionString and CFBundleVersion of a theme to an older version number. When I restart RW and leave it open for several minutes, there is no update notification showing for me. But Waterfall immediately sees the update.

All my themes less than 3 years old already support this feature since y’all are using the same process as WF.

All new themes will of course use this feature too.

Exactly the same as @willwood
Thanks @Elixir that php file is pointing to the xml one server side, it should work.

Also, I did make certain that the if / else if statements in the appcast.php file were commented out, so that update checking wasn’t exclusive to just the ‘waterfall’ user agent.

Although I don’t know what user agent RapidWeaver sends when it checks for theme updates, it should be able to match the theme name to the appcast.xml files on Amazon S3, the same way Waterfall does.

@weaver @willwood You’re welcome to send me copies of your theme and I can take a look at them for you.

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Yes @dan as running support for Waterfall for some time also :slight_smile:

Same here, Waterfall always works for all my themes.
Maybe the php file is to blame, @simon maybe if you share a php file here it could help.

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Had an opportunity this morning to setup the theme updating within the Lunar theme as a test. Worked out quite well. I suspect it worked OK for me as I don’t use the PHP files that the rest of you are using, but I can’t be sure.

The only weird thing I ran into was that when RW check for updates it pops up a window saying that RW itself is up to date, and pops up a second window for addons that need to be updated. You can’t click on the addons window controls to proceed with the update until you’ve dismissed the window alerting you that RW itself is all up to date.

Other than that the updater seemed to do its job and the test theme was updated. As I need to roll out updates for themes I will start baking the updater in. I hope to finish up with this Lunar update and try and push it out to users in the next few days, hopefully.

Ran into a situation today – I had a theme update to send out, so I sent everyone a new version of Lunar with the new in-app updating built-in.

Turns out I shipped a bug in that update, so I turned around to send out a point update via the new in-app updater. When RW 7.3 launches and finds the update it asks the user to install the update. Once RW restarts it prompts the user again telling them there is an update. The update doesn’t get installed over the old theme it seems, so it will be caught in an endless loop of this.

For now I’m going to go ahead and remove the update from the server and send it out by hand again.

@simon Where are the updates stored after RW downloads them before it installs them? I ask because I feel like it is installing my original test update instead of the one that my XML file is pointing to.

Bumping this one up since I didn’t hear anything about this possible bug I ran into with theme updates.

Same here. I’ve heard nothing further. Some customers are getting update prompts for my themes, but I am not seeing update notifications on neither my MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. Tried everything as far as deleting all addons, repairing permissions and reinstalling RW, but nothing works for me. I am not seeing update notifications for themes by other developers either.

Hmm, can you send me the theme you’re having issues with? (The old version, so I can try updating to the new version).

Themes should be handled in exactly the same way as plugins (it’s the same code).

I had to remove the feed as users were getting an infinite loop of update notifications.

Can you share a copy of the theme with me anyway?

Sure I will send that when I get a chance. Out of the office for most of the day getting some personal things done. Once I’m back at the office today (or maybe over the weekend) I will send it over. Sorry I can’t get it there any sooner.