Donald Trump endorses RapidWeaver? is built with RapidWeaver using Joe Workman’s Foundation Theme.


Why do you think it was build with RW?

Possibly because it had to be finished by a certain date - such as 1st April?

It’s actually wordpress. I guess it’s April Fool’s humor?

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Can’t fool you guys, especially not on this day of all days.

In reply to your post I up the anti with TRUMP ISPUM
This is really lame but maybe that is the nature of current affairs - Which will someday change.
Every developer should try this ipsum. Cod liver oil for the sole.

A little late to the April fools party but here’s mine:

Democrat party and the media finally accept that Trump won the election.

Actually, they’ve always accepted that: it’s his vileness, narcissism, destructiveness and lying since then that they don’t accept!

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