Download pdf after email supplied

I want for customers/potential customers to be able to download a Build Manual but only after providing an email address. Does anyone know how I can do this? Do I need some sort of shopping cart or can I do it through a Foundation stack?

The page I am referring is here:

  • in the Self Build option. So after they press “Submit” a pdf downloads. At the moment you will see that I ask for the email but then they have to download separately so in fact they don’t have to provide an email at all.

Also can anyone tell me how to set a link exactly to the relevant tab?

Thanks in advance.


Why not sending an automated email to the potential customer with the link to the PDF? Only then you have a valid email address.


If you’re using the Foundation form, you can check the “redirect on success” option which can send customers to a page of your choice after submitting the form.

The download link to the PDF could then be on a separate page.


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