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looking for someway to create a “click to download” a PDF file ? Alan

Any button or link will download any file. Just FTP the PDF file to your server, note the URL and make this the link.

Or just add the PDF file to RW resources and then link to this with a button or link.

The PDF file might open in the browser, but it’s easy enough to do a ‘Save as’ from the browser.

See the Membership Form downloads at the bottom of this page:

Cool thanks for the help. A

Like @Ruyton said,
it’s very easy to put the .pdf file in resources and link it with button, text or even with an image. Modern browsers are offering a download button on the opening window. Especially Safari’s download button is hard to miss. :slight_smile:

The advantage of uploading the PDF file to the server rather than putting it in resources, is that it doesn’t increase the size of your RW project and it doesn’t get uploaded every time you do a ‘republish all files’ from RW. If the PDF file doesn’t change regularly, then no point uploading it as part of the RW project.

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Hi Alan,
if you want to have downloaded the PDF immediately make a .zip file from the PDF.
This should trigger (nearly) any browser to start the download immediately instead of opening the PDF within the browser (or new tab/window).

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