Drag & Drop between Stacks crashes RW

@isaiah I believe I found a bug. I have 2 Select boxes for Foundation with many options. I am trying to drag and drop the “Select Option” stacks from a Foundation 1 Select Box stack to a Foundation 6 Select Box stack. I can drag and drop 1 or 2 at a time with no issues. Anytime I try to move 3 or more between the stacks then RW crashes. I was able to move 4 out of the Select Box stack to a higher level container with no problem but it can’t be done between the two Select Box stacks at the moment.
I have the latest Foundation 6 theme and stacks as of today and running RW 8.7 on Big Sur. Here is a link to the error log.
FWIW, since I can drag & drop up to 2 but not more than two, this error could be some kind of memory leak.

Here is a link to the RW project file with these two stacks.

I have a log of this specific crash here: https://gitlab.com/yourhead/stacks/-/issues/618

I’ve been looking into it for a day. But unfortunately I wasn’t able to duplication it so far. The original poster only saw it once and can’t make it happen again.

What I need is one specific set concrete steps without any generalizations that starts from New Stacks Page and ends with crash.

The steps don’t have to make it happen every time, just sometimes.

I suspect this has a lot to do with the specific stacks that are on the page – either dragged to or dragged from.

Or perhaps a stack that is in the drag content.

It could also depend on the set of things have done recently. The problem is the opposite of a memory leak it’s a zombie object that should have been released but is continuing to do something afterwards.

The largest unreleased happen when complex tasks (like drag and drop of many objects) are pruned off the undo stack. But there are many sorts of things that make that happen.

As I mentioned, so far I’ve been unable to see this crash myself. Some crashes I can fix with just the crash report, but probably not this one. I really need to make this happen live with a debugger enabled.

If you can help me out with detailed steps please post them to bug linked above – or here – or send me smoke-signals. Beggars can’t be choosers. :smiley: I’ll take whatever info you’ve got.


Did you look at the RW file I made for you. The link is at the end of the original post.

Just drag options from the stack at the bottom to the stack at the top. More than 2 will crash it.

Sorry, I forgot to zip the file. Here is the link to the zipped file. https://www.dropbox.com/s/kgt73h5c0r93ctt/select-box-drag-drop.zip?dl=0

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