Drop-Down Menu/No Theme?

I have a site created using Aqualicious. I want various pages to have drop-down menus, but only a few do. I suspect the problem is in the upload, with some file being in the wrong folder, because the site looks fine in RW preview. The problem pages seem to not have an associated theme.

Good page: http://gsleader.online/1930s/

Bad page: http://gsleader.online/1940s/

I’ve stared at this too long. Thanks!!

From the file menu select republish all, that should fix it

Republishing doesn’t solve the matter.

Ann Robertson
Robertson Writing


On the broken page you are getting a 500 Internal Server on the theme CSS file for that page:

Fixing 500 Internal Server Error can be tricky, it’s kinda a catch-all error message in the HTTP world.
It can be a Permissions Error or a .htaccess issues, or something else depending on the hosting company.

Do you have an htaccess file on the site? If so disable it by renaming it, and try again.
The other thing you can do is try disabling the consolidate CSS in advanced settings and try republishing.
If neither of those help, check with your hosting company, as 500’s can vary from site to site.

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I’d check to see if the css file is actually on the server using an FTP app or a file browser in your hosting control panel.

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