Duplicating Page Layouts

I am building a website for my custom cabinet shop. A lot of the pages contain training information for the customer.

There is one master gallery page that will contain thumbnails of all of our kitchens with a Kitchen Number centered below each thumbnail. This format allows for very succinct navigation when I am talking with a customer on the telephone. I can quickly scan the thumbnails to see which kitchen I want to call their attention to and they can easily find it themselves as well.

The thumbnail itself should constitute a link to more information about each kitchen. When you click on the thumbnail you will be go to a fairly standard page that discusses the attributes of each kitchen.

MY QUESTION has to do with how to standardize the pages.
Is it possible to create one nicely formatted page then duplicate that page each time I want to add another kitchen to the website?

Or do I need to go through process of individually building each common page one page at a time.?

If I understand what you’re asking, there’s nothing preventing you from creating a “master page” that is basically empty other than formatting stuff and maybe some partials and duplicating that page. Just make the empty master page as a draft and remove it from navigation. It won’t publish that way, just make sure you remove the draft and navigation settings on the duplicated pages.

I believe you’re using Stacks, correct?

You can certainly create a draft page and copy that every time you want a new details page. The only drawback of this approach is that if you decide you want to make a change to the look of those pages, you then have to go into each one and make the same change on every page.

You should probably spend a little time reading about and understanding the Partials feature of Stacks. In particular, how to pin/unpin areas so you can lock down the layout and formatting and still change the actual content (text and images) for each page. If you later want to make a change, you can edit the partial and all the other places that Partial is used will be updated.

Read about Partials here: https://yourhead.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/228020987-Stacks-3-Reference-Manual

Video on using Partials from the developer: https://vimeo.com/136154079

Testimonial from Joe Workman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5sdixd8yUU

Thanks guys.

Partials is on my radar to learn next.

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