Duplicating Themes & Presets for Editing

So you can duplicate a theme in the event you’re going to do some base level changes. I’ve done this a ton. Is there a way to duplicate presets you’ve saved?

One can save a complete project with another name and then use that one to modify on. Partials are a handy way to save stacks, those layout designs.

That’s not what I’m looking at. I’m talking about the theme duplicate command so you can go in and make low level changes to a theme without affecting the original theme file. Ideally, you do that first, then create your presets, but if you’re migrating a theme or an update to the theme will break your site, then you’d need to duplicate it in this fashion. Think of it like forking software.

Anyway, does anyone know how to make rapid weaver recognize the presets? Apparently it’s not as simple as following the naming conventions. @dan ?

In another thread you talked about using Foundation/Foundry. Duplicating Foundation is not recommended. Not sure about Foundry. It really won’t hurt anything, just not something that you need to do as it is different than normal themes as the settings are in the Site Style stack.

If you are talking about a non-Foundation project, then I am not sure about that.

No, it’s not for Foundry or Foundation. I’m not sure why you’d even use presets in either of those frameworks.

Here’s the Solution

If you’re looking to duplicate presets here’s what you need to do.

  1. Duplicate your theme in RW.
  2. Go to Theme Styles Folder in RWAddons/Themes Styles
  3. Find the presets you want to copy, named: “ThemeName - PresetName”
  4. Duplicate the preset you want.
  5. Change the name to match the naming convention of your duplicated theme. eg. “ThemeNameCopy - Presetname”
  6. Open the duplicated preset in Textedit.
  7. Scroll down to the very bottom and find the Theme Name Key.
  8. Change the String which would be “ThemeName” to the duplicated theme name, “ThemeNameCopy.”
  9. If you haven’t quit RapidWeaver, now is a good time to relaunch it.


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