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First of all hello to everyone.
I’m RW user from many years but I would like a recommendation for a new project that presents a situation I have never faced.
I want to make a site to promote events throughout Italy.
Normally, existing sites show these events by location, none indicates them by date.
To explain better my project I wish who will consults my future site will ask what happens in Milan (I live in Italy) the first weekend on May, or the third Sunday on October…
Do you have any suggestion (plugins and/or others) to make dynamic and pleasant list, otherwise static and boring one?
Thank you and, since it’s Friday, nice weekend.

I would have a look at

  1. Filter by Stacks4Stacks
  2. Filter from Yabdab
  3. Hunter 3 from Doobox

There may be others but those are the ones I’ve used.


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Thanks Rob. Very useful suggestion.