Ecommerce solution for Affiliate datafeed?

Hi everyone,

I know there have been discussions about RW e-commerce solutions but I have a slightly different need and was wondering if any of you could make some recommendations.

I have a datafeed with about 200K products in it and use php/MySql. I would love to use an existing ecommerce solution for RW but I don’t want to take a payment. I want to show the products in a 3 column grid, have all those fancy filters like price high to low, most popular, etc., display a detailed product page with more info, and then have a Buy Now button that will send the user to the advertisers site where the purchase can be made.

So does anyone have any recommendations?

It’s not an e-commerce solution but since you don’t want to take payments, maybe this would suit?

Thanks Rob,

I’ll check it out. I just don’t feel like coding all of these gridded tables up if there’s a solution already out there.


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