Edit the list of recent websites RapidWeaver launch window?

Is there any way to edit the list of recent websites in the ‘Welcome to RapidWeaver’ that shows up upon launch? I’m cleaning house and found a bunch of alternate / duplicate projects that I went through. Sloppy, I know - that’s why I’m cleaning house :slight_smile:

This isn’t a big deal, and it’s definitely a RapidWeaver ‘first world’ problem. Mostly curious.

This question has been answered many times here:


The short answer is those are generated by OS X. You can clear them by clicking on Clear Menu at the bottom of the menu in Finder (under the Apple Icon).

Thanks for your help - was hoping to clear things out selectively but again, first world RapidWeaver problem!

In years of using RW I have never used the launch window. I keep my RW project files well organized and just open by clicking the project file themselves.

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