EditsPRO Has Arrived

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to let you know that I’ve just released the EditsPRO stack. EditsPRO will let you add editable areas to your Stacks 3 page that can be edited by up to 4 different users each with their own level of clearance and toolset.

EditsPRO builds on the idea behind the Kuler Edits stack and adds a lot of the most requested features from users.


  • Multi-user - EditsPRO allows you assign multiple users that can have varying levels of access to your editable areas

  • Single login - Just a single login button (icon) per page, regardless of how many editable areas there are

  • More Secure - EditsPRO will NEVER publish your password to the web. Instead, EditsPRO included a 'password hash" generator where you can create a more secure hash that will be used to check against your password when logging in. (This does require you to make publish your website to generate your hash(s) and return to RapidWeaver to continue building your site)


  • PHP 5.6 - Please check with your hosting provider if you are unsure about what version your website uses. If you are using php 5.5 or below, you can most likely update to version 5.6 relatively easily. (Again, you may need to ask you hosting provider for help)

  • Stacks 3 - EditsPRO will ONLY work with Stacks 3. That is ok though, because Stacks 3 is well worth the return on investment.

  • RapidWeaver 6 - You will need to make sure that RapidWeaver is up to date.

Demo Site
Videos on Vimeo
Product Page

EditsPRO will sell for $24.99 but if you use the code “smile” you get a 25% discount upon checkout.
Plus I have special pricing to anyone who has purchased the Kuler Edits stack … you get an additional 60% off (keep an eye out for a newsletter with more details).

It’s hard to believe but I have been RapidWeaving for nearly a dozen years now. I’ve released hundreds of themes and more than one hundred stacks during that time. I am so grateful to each of you who have supported my products through the years.

Thank you


Gary nice update, instant purchase (upgrade for me), so easy to use + multi access/areas and excellent price point, what’s next?

Clever update and enjoyed the support videos.

Looks like another fantastic product. FWIW, I use your SQL stack sets constantly; they are a godsend.

Thanks for the huge discount for Kuler Edits owners.

Thank you for the kind words. I do have plans for the mySQL stacks as well.

I used to do A LOT of support videos but its been a while since I did one. I couldn’t get my mouth to work properly … lol.
I will be adding some more tutorials in the coming days.

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I hope the price point is good. I tried to give those customers who purchased Kuler Edits a generous discount. Even though it is not really an update or upgrade, the EditsPRO was really born from user feedback to the Edits stack.

Very generous indeed. Instant purchase.

Great update. Purchased it right away. I love to enable clients to edit their site without ever leaving the real page. It confuses them so much to be taken to admin pages, even if they’re cool and nicely built. Nothing beats the simplicity of just reloading the original page with just some additional buttons for editing and then re-reloading it again after save.
Just one question: is there a possibility to add links to files, i.e. a file upload option? That would be killer.