El Capitan has made my responsive theme unresponsive

My website uses the Nick Cates Design responsive Dashboard theme. I’m on RW6 with Stacks 3.

After upgrading to El Capitan, my website displays in smart phone layout only in Safari. Preview mode in RW6, which I have set to Safari, also shows the smart phone layout only. All other browsers on the same machine display the website properly as does IE9 operating in Vista in a VM on the same machine.

Tested in Safari on two other Macbooks in the house, one running Lion and the other one El Capitan. The Lion machine displays it fine, the El Capitan machine shows the smart phone layout only.

I’m currently conversing with the Nick Cates team to sort this out, but I’m wondering if anyone here might offer some clues as to why this s hapening. I’ve already tried CSS Consolidation with no change.

Hi @Hooked4life,

Sorry you have to go through this - I know how frustrating it can be. I looked into the problem and I got the same results you outlined. I then went to Nick Cates website and downloaded the latest version of the dashboard theme and it fixed the problem for me. See the link below and I hope it helps. Happy weaving my friend…




Thanks Justin, that did the trick.

I had been working under the assumption that the upgrade function in RW6 covered everything, not just stacks. I’ll have to remember to do a periodic check of the theme version.

Wonderful - happy it worked out!


I know this is an old thread, but in making some small changes to a Dashboard themed site, http://www.getmindfittraining.co.uk/ it has broken it in Safari, it doesn’t seem to load much, if any, CSS at all anymore.
I can’t re-download the theme as it’s been too long since I bought it though.
If anyone knows of the changes in the theme, I could alter it manually if it’s not too complicated.
Thanks in advance

When you say it’s been too long since you purchased, what do you mean? Does @nickcates have a time limit or do you not have your login information. Did you try contacting them.

My account with him expired back in 2014 but if you don’t ask you don’t get.
@nickcates is there a way of updating Dashboard without having to re-purchase??
(flutters eyelashes and hopes for the best)

Sorry for not seeing this thread sooner! For the newest versions of any individually purchased theme or stack, please us Find Order on my site: https://nickcatesdesign.com

Find Order is going to fully replace the customer account system this year, because it doesn’t require an account signup, or remembering a password, it’s just overall easier on customers :slight_smile: