Email petition stack

Does anyone know of a stack that will allow for the signing of a petition or forward an email to multiple recipients?

Here’s the deal:

I am promoting public art in the city of Arlington, Texas, and would like to give people a ‘call to action’ option by sending an email to the Mayor, City Council Members and the City Manager. It would be a nice email, as I only use my powers for good.

It would be a page added to built in Dreamweaver 5, using the ‘Open’ theme from Nick Cates.

As I make presentations to groups, I would like to be able to give a web address were supporters could go and send an email to the above mentioned officials stating that they support public art in our City.

Thanks for your feedback! I look forward to hearing any ideas of directions you might share.

Dreamweaver…!! Aaahhhh!!!

FormSnap from can send to multiple addresses. You might have to ask for the old version though as it has been recently updated to stacks 3.

Cheers for your ears.

Thanks, I actually have FormSnap! Whoohoo!

I ment to say Rapidweaver (not Dreamweaver). My bad. :wink:

OK now you should rename your site into :wink: