Email to a group of members

I search for a stack that allow to send a email to a group of people. I don’t like to use MailChimp or other Services. Any Ideas how to handle that?

I don’t like MailChimp either. I use the Robo Postman app to send from my computer to the 250 or so members of a society. The disadvantage over MailChimp is that I do get the odd message blocked as spam (but I think Auth SMTP would fix that).

Thanks Peter, but I search for a way to do that inside RW. Some Mail Stacks allow to send mails to a 2nd email address. Maybe there is a stack available that sends a email to a list of people ore someone have a script that can be used for that.

I assumed you were probably thinking of that but I don’t know of a good way to do that.


Just wondering why you want the ability to email multiple people from your website? Opens the door for a bunch of spam no?

If you’re not interested in one of the email services like MailChimp, then I suggest you just add an add me to your email list form, when you receive the email from the person signing up, add the address to Google and you can form groups in that to email a newsletter, promo, etc to.

A word of caution, some hosts only allow ‘X’, where X can be 20 or 50 or 100, amount of emails to be sent from an account at a time, I do not know if Google has a limit.

Just throwing that out there


Thanks Brad. I need it for a forum with a limited number of members. This will be used at protected member site. Some members don’t like to work with MailChimp or other services. Therefore I search for a way to add a ‘email to all’ Button that send the same Email from a form to a list of members. At the moment I need to send up to 50 members.


First check with the site’s hosting company to see how many email can be blasted out at once, if they don’t allow 50 then you have no choice but to find a different solution to the problem.

I know this is old school… but there may be a CGI or Perl script out there somewhere that will do what you want.

Another thing to consider is people are typically sensitive of sharing their email addresses to lists incase one of the people get a virus and they start to receive spam (more than usual Ha!). So, make sure you have a send field to the site’s main address and then BCC the remainder of the group.

That’s about as far as I can go with it, sorry.


I will use a form inside the member area (no attachments) to send out the list, so there is no virus possible. I think I don’t have limitations to send out mails.

FormSnap (stacks) and FormLoom (plugin) can send CC and BCC to multiple addresses.

Thank you very much Leif, I will try that…

Thanks again Leif, FormSnaps in combination with TotalCMS solves my problem perfect.

@WDA Glad to hear. FormSnap is a really competent solution for making forms in RW.