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Mac OS 10.13.6 (RW 7.5.7)

I am trying to create a web page that displays an Issue Reporter generated at Freedcamp.com. I should be able to embed in my website. But I have not been able to get it to work. Here are their instructions:

To include the Issue Tracker popup into your websites and collect feedback from your users, follow these instructions.

Add the following html code anywhere in your website

<a href="#" id="bug_tracker">Report Bug</a>

Then paste the following code right before your tag

        BugTracker = {
            group_project: "https://freedcamp.com/Development_9Bm/Peregrine_TFD/bugtracker/bugtracker_public",
            Button: [document.getElementById('bug_tracker')]
<script src="https://cdn.freedcamp.com/project_apps/bugtracker/js/bugtracker_public.js"></script>

I am guessing that I’m not placing the code snippets in the correct part of the HTML block or in the HTML Code Inspector.

Can anyone give me a step by step?

When Ia dded the <> I think it added some extra


John @truegold,

We can’t see the code you posted here. On this forum and most others you need to mark code as Preformatted text.

Select the code that you pasted into your post and hit the </> button at the top.

Hi Doug,

I think it updated correctly.


Okay, can See it now.

I would think that the scripts could go into the head section, or even an HTML stack(if it’s a stacks page).it really shouldn’t matter.

The anchor tag <a should be put where you want the linkon the page.

Might be helpful if you gave a url.

Hi Doug,

It’s been so long ago since I designed this website.

Library->HTML Stack.

Click on html stack and add script into the Head tab.

<a href="#" id="bug_tracker">Report Bugs</a>

Appears to add a button so that a user can add an issue. But I have only been able to get it to show at the very top of the page.

Here’s the website (haven’t updated since 2017. Yikes!).


Hey Doug,

Looks like I misunderstood what was actually going to be displayed. I was thinking I would get a list of issues. But after reviewing the instructions it appears it might just be a Report button.


However I cannot get the Report button to work unless it’s at the very top of the web screen. If I place it inside the html block the button shows on the left side of the screen but it doesn’t open.


Not sure what it does. Do you have a link to the instructions?

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Hi Doug,

Freedcamp.com allows Issue Tracking. The code I copied comes from within my project dashboard. So nothing public.

Anyway, it’s all good as I understand how it works.

Thanks for your help. It was appreciated,

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