Enable to publish

I did your 4 steps mentioned. The publishing to a local folder was successful.

I went back to my main project, controlled everything (website-name …) once again. No chance to become able to publish. The connection test successful as usual. Bildschirmfoto 2020-11-19 um 19.06.24
Then publishing starts for some seconds, than the messageBildschirmfoto 2020-11-19 um 19.06.41
Then I go for the support logs and I get this (I have never installed DevMate on my laptop, I don’t know what this program is and why its name appears in a RapidWeaver-Message):

I managed today to use a htaccess file, so my customers aren’t confronted with a halffinished chaotic site. They are linked to the Siteshop, which is a Ecwid-Add, which has no need for change at the moment. https://das-seminar.ch

What shall I do? It is now 2 weeks since I published the last time a modivication of the project. I am using RW for about 10 years.