Epicon Theme Built-in Slideshow/adding clickable text

Hi, I have Epicon Theme Built-in Slideshow (4 images) for the Home page and I want to add a clickable text on each page were users can click and take them to the corespondent page. Which stack/plugin I can use?

Attached snapshot of slideshow. Thank you!

Do not know much about the Epicon theme, but Target by Joe Workman could possibly do this.

You want to add linked text in the banner Area?

yes on the built in slideshow banner area.

I know :slight_smile: what it shows in the snapshot is the 1st image, thanks I will have a look at Traget.

Target is an option, you could also not use the built-in slideshow and try a stack like impact, superflex, or Michael’s stack:
Does that theme support 100% width?


Thanks! superflex worked (not great but it did the job)