ERROR: Cannot create directory when uploading

OK Using RW5 here (because 6 sucks), I’m trying to upload a splash page for my client to have a look at the design and i keep getting stacks errors. I clear out pages and use a plain text page and it’s giving me errors on not being able to create the xml files. It won’t create a directory, nothing.

I uninstalled stacks and reinstalled them
I uninstalled RW and reinstalled that.
I deleted the project and started from scratch with a pre-installed theme.
NO JOY. same errors.

I tested the connection and it does connect.
My normal FTP program is FileZilla and since I’ve been using that all week with no problem, I think it’s RW doing this.

and since they won’t let me put two images at a time in posts:

You may be asking RW to create a true directory in an area of your server’s docroot path to which it does not have access and/or trying to create an object which is not a directory - like sitemap.xml.

This suggests that you should experiment with the site settings in RW.



It was my fault all along. typo and wrong path on top of it. A fresh pair of eyes always helps.


You’re very welcome: we’ve all done it!


Yeah we have all done it this week. LOL

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