Error with the structured data test tool of google that I use total cms

An error was given with a structured data test tool of google.
At blog list of total cms, it is "image Field value is required "and “publisher Field value is required”.

I do not know whether it is to fill in wherever with what, and to repair it, and to double a right description.

What should I do?

Because I use translation function, English is poor and is sorry.

Do you have an image in the blog list?

Publisher is not a field in Total CMS. This was not required before. If you want, you can add your own into the markup with the HTML child stack. Add something like this to it…

<div style="display:none" itemprop="publisher" itemscope itemtype="">Insert Publisher Here</div>


I use the image.

I only set blog list stack which I divided into a category as “news” on the top page without using structured data and seo helper stack.
Still it has been awkward because an error occurred as “article” in image.

Should I write in the html which had you instruct it in heada?

An error is given in the same way elsewhere in the blog page.

I have attached some photographs.

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