Expanse stack (1LD) image settings and 2nd ‘Close’ button/icon

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I just bought the Expanse stack from One Little Designer and am having trouble with adjusting image(s).

My plans inside of each ‘expanded’ modal will include combinations of headers, text, video(s), images as well as a gallery of images. For most of the planned uses, I won’t want to show the same image from the front ‘Card’, once the user is inside of the modal.

Q1. When I don’t want to show the same image again from the ‘Card’ front, how do I turn it off?

Q2. On the occasions I do want to show the image from the front ‘Card’ again, how do I adjust its size? The image inside the modal grows to full banner size and takes up too much space.

Q3. When there’s extra modal content which triggers scrolling, how do I add an additional ‘Close’ button/icon toward the bottom of the content, so the user doesn’t have to search for how to get out of the modal?

I appreciate any guidance.

(r) #2

Q1. You can’t have 2 different images, since the thumbnail image is part of the expanded layout view. what the stack does it crops the layout only showing you the thumbnail and the headline/subhead, when expanded it shows the complete layout.

Q2. You may be able to adjust the size of the image thru CSS, but not sure how if it affect the thumbnail size, should contact developer if its possible

Q3. When I used the stack before, if the expanded view has a lot of copy and you scrolled down a fixed positioned X close icon appears on the top right. Maybe the developer can give you a code to make this happen.

Sorry could not be more helpful, its a good stack once you know its limitations, when purchased I thought it was something different, still looking for a stack that does this BUT has ability to have independent thumbnail image to layout and more customization of the expanded layout. You may want to to look at the poster stack by instacks has more options no fancy animation like the expanse stack does but may work better for you.

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