Exported RW6 files seem different? 4 questions…

ONE: I’ve exported my RW6 Project and and ready toy upload via Fire FTP - but I notice there seems to be a different set of files and folders - as well - within the Export folder. Is this normal?

See attached screenshot with extra folder/files highlighted in blue.

TWO: I don’t see to be able to upload via RW’s inbuilt FTP controls - I get an error (some simple test sites HAVE actually uploaded ben though the error message was given, but this large proper site will not upload successfully this way. Hence I have to use a third part FTP client. Has anyone else experienced this?

THREE: General question; Can I use the exported set of files to upload the site to the clients domain and into a sub folder (so as not to overwrite live site) and see new site live on web? OR do I have to ‘save as’ and change url in Project settings and re-export as a separate set of files for this to work)?

DEV SITE: http://spiritdesignworks.co.uk/KBTRW6-media5/

This is where I have uploaded the dev files so far, but I want to now go live and overwrite the clients old site (and am nervous!!)


PS: ignore second screenshot which highlights the main root folder (uploaded in error).