Failed to load some plugins

When i start RW version 8.5.1 the message is “Rapidweaver failed to load some plugin”
Carousel: plugin is not codedesigned by the developer.

How can i fix this.

Go to your head and see if there is an update for it

BTW: Carousel’s name changed (a much larger company politely asked us to change it – and i agreed it was a great idea to avoid lawyers – LOL). it’s now called Flow and like all the YourHead plugins there were free updates for Catalina. just download the new version and double click to install.

Although RapidWeaver should recognize that Carousel and Flow are one and the same since they have the same internal ID – you may want to double check that Carousel gets uninstalled and Flow is installed when you download the new version. To be honest it was so long ago when this name change happened I’m not sure of the detailed technical ramifications anymore. But manually removing the old one and adding the new one should always work fine.

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It works!

Super thanks Isaiah. Great work. I can now do my work properly.

Ab Labbari

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