Feature request: Integration with Rapidweaver

I would like have an Integration of Squash with Rapidweaver. So It would be nice to have an Option on publishing Sites with automatically squashing Images with someone selectable preset.

I think that’s a terrible idea. You can’t just blanket compress all images in a project. Each image needs to be considered individually and compressed accordingly. Moreover, it will massively slow down publish.

Bad idea.

For those who think that way it is supposed to be an OPTION as I said… :wink:
But a way to send all pictures from rapidweaver to Squash one after the other would still be a good compromise which reduces the Time by far.
I like the Integration of fireworks with dreamweaver quite a lot. And guess what: Nobody ever complained.
I still have Fireworks, Photoshop Pixelmator… but they do not integrate in the workflow with rapidweaver.
Two products by the same Company could and in my opinion one way or the other should.

I am pretty sure in the past that Dan mentioned that there could be some sort of integration between the two apps planned. I am not sure when or if that will still happen.

Hello Mr. Workman,

thanks for the hint!
I could imagine a “squash”-button hovering over each picture which transfers it to Squash. After reducing it, the link could be automatically replaced with the edited file. I would really love that!
A second option (for the lazy ones and homepages that have no need for the best picture quality but fastest loading times) could be on the publish-menu. Maybe anther menu-item named “squash and publish”…?


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