File Names in PDF Embed Stacks

From a Powerpoint file called “All my company’s product brochures” I select certain pages for individual product brochures and create PDFs which are named according to the particular product, such as “Product One” and then warehoused.
Using either Joe Workman’s or S4S’s Embed stack, when published the PDF is named “All my company’s product brochures” and not “Product One”
This looks odd and confusing.
Is there a work around for this so that the name of the particular warehoused PDF is displayed, or do I have to create a Powerpoint document for each product and name it accordingly and then create the PDF?

You have to change the Title in the pdf meta data which you can do online on this free site:

Thanks for that. Boy, that metadata must be well buried because doing command-i on the pdf file comes up with the title of the pdf as it should be according to the file name in finder.
Anyway, pdfcandy looks like it will do the trick.

Glad it worked out for you. When you do a get info you’re just seeing the file name, not any of the data inside the file. Similar to exif data in a jpg i guess.

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