First time Publish please help?

Guys, I finished my website. But I already have a Muse site in my hosting. I am a little confused about which file should I delete in my puclic_html folder? Should I delete everything before the published website?

Should I leave it to google site verification.html and delete everything?

Backup first.

cgi-bin should be okay to leave.
.htaccess without knowing what’s in it, hard to say.

If the old site is totally going away the rest should be okay to delete.

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I’d also leave the google html file. It’s probably there as a check for Google Analytics. If you remove it, you may have redo it to use GA.

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And probably you want to leave the .well-known which is for the Let’s Encrypt secure certificate.

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Before the read your posts I made back-up first and just leave .htaccess and google verification.html and delete all others and published the site. Looks everything works except while loading the H1 text first loading standard text then use the google fonts on Firefox. I don’t get it why?

BTW I will add .well-known and cgi-bin folder after reading your posts.

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