Folder wise export of images

Short version: It would be great if squash can remember the folder structure during import and ask if I need to retain the same folder structure during export.

Long version: I am having images that are kept inside different folders. For eg. let’s say my “wallpaper” folder has sub-folders like “abstract”, “animal”, “nature”, “space” etc, and these subfolders have images inside them which I need to bulk “squash”.

I am importing the “wallpaper” folder and once I am done, I cannot maintain the same folder structure after export. Squash will just export every image in a single folder.

It would be great if squash could ask the user if he wants to export the images in the same folder structure as he imported.

Hope you could add this in the next update, btw I am loving squash 3, those subtle sound effects and zen tracks are so soothing. Kudos to the team

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