Font size forced when selecting font-family

When you select a font-family for selected text in RW’s text tools (image 1) the selected text is wrapped in a span with style for the font-family chosen, but also has an inline style for font-size added as 12px.

I can’t think of any scenario where this would be useful, and in every scenario I try and use it it is actually unusable.
Can we not add that font-size 12px style to the added span in RW7 please? (image 2)

This is related to:

This size is derived from the default size of text in RW, and (contrary to appearances) isn’t an easy fix. As Dan noted in the other thread, we’ll get to this post-7.0 (probably 8.0).


OK, I will reset any such elements in the page the user has added to 1em with js, using an attribute selector to target them.