Forcing not visable on iPhone

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Update to the problem below.
I have worked around it by adding a button for mobile only and hiding the 9 boxes on iphone.

This works for me in this case. But … Even though my iphone settings say no pop up. Even though I have marked the pop up stacks (call to action and expose) not visable on iphone …it is poping up.
Is there a way I can force it not to show on iphone?

I have a call to action and expose combo here

It works well on desktop. But on iphone there is a conflict and I am left with white space where the 9 boxes at the top of my site should be.
I dont even want the pop up on iphone, but even though I have selected not to show it. It appears. Anyone got any ideas on how I can make it work and hide on iphone?


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