Form loom and or form snap .... do I need to create an email for the domain?

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I am having no luck successfully adding either snap stack or formloom 3 to my foundry site. (I don’t get the test emails)
I have tried looking at other peoples problems on the forums

Am I right in thinking that I cant use these forms unless I have an email address that is actually the domain name?
i.e. if the domain is I must create something like and can then fwd to clients actual email address.

here is the fl test page … I’m constantly trying different settings

(scott williams) #2

That’s is usually the case depends on the host.

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Thanks yes you are right!
Using a clients hosting set up info@domain email and forwarded and works.

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #4

Yes @Figory must work now. Just done a test and giving me > Your form was sent to Longfellow.

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Thanks so much

All good now. I got your message!