Form stack with Recaptcha (or similar) needed

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I’m back on the hunt for a form stack for data collection and contact forms that is not unique to a framework. The Foundation form works great, but only works on Foundation. The Foundry ones are OK, but the human test is letting loads of spammer thru and it lacks the customisation I need.

Happy to buy a formbuilder, but it needs to all work on the one page, which I don’t think Gregs does yet.

Suggestion please.


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Blah blah

(KC) #3

Formloom 3 works well for me. Well supported and it looks like v4 is in development as well.

(Doug Bennett) #4

Not a RapidWeaver thing but machforms works well

(Gary) #5

Maybe I lucky but I have never had problems with the human test type of spam guard. Are you certain that they are getting through because the human test is being circumvented? often spam gets through because it is easy to guess your email or that email is being displayed on another web site.

Some things to try if you are having spam issues :

  1. Never use an email like info@ and use an email that is unique and not easy to use such as info or
  2. Don’t use the standard “what is 2 +5” type of question with an easy to guess single digit answer with a 10% chance of guessing it. Use something like “What does one hundred and one add up to”
  3. Also change the question and answer every now and then.

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The spam is human-generated, it’s coming in via the contact form. Maybe a Foundry thing, maybe not, when the site was in Foundation and used the Foundation forms I never got any spam via the form, but that might be coincidental.

Bottom line is though I need a more powerful form builder for my Foundry sites than the included form builder allow, so I need something else anyway.

Regards the question/answer thing. I’m not a fan of these unless the question is super clear with only one obvious answer I find they cause issues. For instance, in your example, is the answer one hundred and one, or one hundred & one, or 101… Too ambiguous.

(Rob Beattie) #7

Maybe 1LD’s Superforms would be suitable?

(Doug Bennett) #8

That would be great. Where did you get that information? I’ve always liked Formloom but been afraid that it’s not going to be updated since it’s a plugin.

(Stuart Marshall) #9

@yabdab has been emailing users over the last couple of weeks asking for feature requests / votes on features.

(Doug Bennett) #10

Great to hear. Hopefully @yabdab will post more information about the future v4.

(Gregory Barchard) #11

FormsPlus doesn’t presently support ReCaptcha but it does plenty of other stuff to stop spam. If this shows to be insufficient, I’ll add it but it’s proven pretty effective thus far. I opted for these approaches to make the UX smoother. :slight_smile:


(steve bee) #12

Hi Greg, I’m not hung on Recaptcha, just something with a degree of anti-spamminess.

Does your forms stack still need two pages or can it all happen on the one now? I think you were adding this at some point, not sure if it’s in yet.


(Gregory Barchard) #13

Needs two steps at the moment. It’s on my list. Just had other things in front of it (like database support)

(steve bee) #14


Maybe I’m best to just stick it out with the spam until you pull your finger :wink:

(Gregory Barchard) #15

I may be beta :wink: :wink: testing ReCaptcha integration now. stay tuned. It should, if all goes to plan, disable the Finish button until validation finishes. The Captcha will automatically appear at the bottom of the last step.


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