Formloom: Allow for longer labels?

@yabdab The current maximum label length in Formloom is 80 characters total. Normally ample but in my current case, the client wants to ask fairly lengthy questions with a checkbox answer.

Don’t suppose anyone knows of a way to make this longer? Using ‘Sub Text’ is an option but would prefer the questions to be above/before the checkbox.

A good label tells the user the purpose of the field, maintains its usefulness when focus is on the field itself, and remains visible even after the field has been filled in.

Labels are not help text. Use succinct, short, descriptive labels (a word or two) so that users can quickly scan your form. Labels that contain a lot of words can result in slow completion rates.

I would recommend using a Form Break above the input instead.

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Thanks Mike: Completely agree about lables in principle. The only issue here is that the tick boxes are for legal declarations (hence quite lengthy!) and therefore the received form needs to show the declaration. As far as I’m aware the Form Break placeholder doesn’t show any text? I guess the workaround is to use custom content and add the declaration manually?

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You can use a custom template and include the declaration there… with the answer ( YES or NO ) below.

Like so…

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nullam pretium, turpis vitae dapibus bibendum, nulla purus finibus purus, sed ultricies dui odio et eros. 

I agree to terms above: #input_name#
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