Formloom help please

Hi All

I have just changed over to ‘Aspen’ theme and I am attempting to upgrade the contact form page from RW standard to ‘Formloom 4’

Question 1 - Does anyone know how to delete a form item once it has been added.

Question 2 - Is there a manual for ‘Formloom 4’ out there than could explain certain terms and settings or do I have to use ‘Formloom 3’ manual.

I’m not sure about your first question, but there’s a Formloom 4 manual here

Hi There

Many thanks for that, the link you gave me took me to a more up to date page.

However, I can not see any way of deleting an unwanted form item once it has been added other than starting agin and re adding one by one, so if anyone help out it would be appreciated.

Right click and “Remove Item”?

I know this screenshot is Formloom 3 (should be identical with Formloom 4) - how about clicking the minus - sign at the bottom of the form?

That is what i have been looking for and expecting, except that I am minus a ‘minus’ see pic

As @NeilUK says above, right click & remove.

Thank you, I had tried right-click on the form items but not the list. Great sorted.

Thanks to you all

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