FormsPlus 2 is here! Take your Contact Forms to the 🌝

Hi RapidWeaver friends,

I’m excited to share with everyone FormsPlus 2! The latest version of FormsPlus adds some really great features and I’m super proud to share them with you so let’s dive in:

  • Single step contact forms. FormsPlus supports single step contact forms. Simply add just 1 step and FormsPlus does the rest.
  • Conditionally show elements. That’s right, you can conditionally show Elements to the visitor based on their selections. FormsPlus supports the use of ANY or ALL meaning you supply a list of Elements and all (logical AND) or any (logical OR) must be true for the Element to show up.
  • User confirmation. Require the user to confirm their input before submitting the form. Great for passwords or other contact information.
  • Conditional Templates. Specify when and where emails are sent based on the visitor’s input. For instance, if the user selected “Sales” in the form, only send an email to the Sales Department.

A full list of changes are below. You can see some videos of FormsPlus 2 in action in the expanded documentation and online demo.

Of course, version 2 is 100% backwards compatible with v1. This means that you don’t need to re-do your forms. It also means that some of the really cool and unique features in FormsPlus are still there like:

  • Multi-step contact form support
  • Google Analytics Events (know where in the process your visitors drop out of your form!)
  • Security (supports ReCaptcha and, in v2, hCaptcha)
  • MySQL, Email and Online Records for saving Form Submissions

I really hope you like it!


[2.0.4] - 2021-04-22


  • Slimmed project file to reduce stack size by approx. 30%

[2.0.3] - 2021-04-20


  • Rewrite conditional Javascript Logic for performance and handle multiple Element registration

[2.0.2] - 2021-04-16


  • Fix uploader progress bar
  • PHP7.4 + Snuffleupagus and PHP8 compatibility

[2.0.1] - 2021-04-12


  • Fixed rendering error on older PHP installs



  • Single Step support
  • hCaptcha support (alternate, privacy focused alternative to reCaptcha)
  • CSS Spinner on Submit to block the UI while submission is in process
  • New Uploader for File Uploading
  • Input confirmation support so user has to enter the same value twice
  • Flexbox support for more uniform layout across browsers
  • Dynamically Enable and Disable Inputs based on user defined conditions
  • Add ability to exclude Emails from Receipts
  • Preview Step to confirm user input before submission
  • HTML support in Email subject lines
  • New Date options to restrict date range inputs
  • HTML Color Input support
  • Units for Range slider
  • Mailgun support for sending email
  • Optional Crashreporter
  • Optional SMTP debug log for debugging SMTP
  • Direct emails to different departments based on user input with Conditional Email Templates
  • HTML Keyhint support


  • Only one validation error on an input shows at a time
  • Mobile datepicker improvements via touchpunch
  • HAProxy support for hosts using a proxy for SSL


  • Fix database exception on multiple database templates


  • Updated PHPMailer to v6.x

Heads up – it looks like your images on your documentation pages are missing. Looks to be the case on all of the ones I viewed.

Thanks they’re webp. I need to add shims for backwards compatibility. Thanks.

Instant upgrade, this is really great :slight_smile:


Thanks I’m glad you’re liking it! Please send any feedback my way. Already planning 2.1!


I agree with Fuellemann, great features


Congrats on the launch @barchard — looks awesome, keep up the good work :tada:


@barchard Am I constrained to the inbuilt Themes, or can I have full control over form styling?

Pictures all show up fine in Chrome and FF, just not Safari for me.

Looks like a great upgrade Greg. I will probably buy in even though I don’t really need to for my one website that you helped me using FormsPlus V-1 on: Contact Jones X-Ray of Texas - 972-647-0171

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Lots of styling options! Please see screenshots attached.



Looks fab! Will have a proper look next week.

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Stellar looking form suite, Greg! Nicely designed with functionality to match.



@Elixir should now use the picture element with backwards compatibility and should now show you PNGs instead of WEBP.

Me too :grinning:

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I’d be curious to know how conditional fields behave with mySQL. Let’s say your response to Question A determines what list of choices you see at Question B. The answer at Question B, regardless from which list, must always populate the same mySQL field.

@barchard , possible?

FormsPlus is smart. It will automatically manage the MySQL table for you. If you add a field to your form, it adds the column to the database. No need to do any database management yourself! If a field is not submitted, it’s empty. :slight_smile:

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Sounds good! Doesn’t answer my question though, which is very specific.

No all Elements must have a unique name. You can’t build two Lists with different options that have the same name. You need two Elements and two columns.

WELL DONE, Greg! As many people who work with Rw are not full-time web designers, working with MySQL databases can be a pain. Who really wants to go back and modify their database every time they add a new question to a form? This feature takes Rapidweaver forms to a whole new level of ease-of-use.


@barchard The lists presented at Field B would have separate IDs but of course the same label and the interface would have to be clever enough to know from which list (determined by the response at A) the selection was made and therefore what to send to the mySQL field. A separate mySQL field for every list at Field B is not an option, as it’s the same variable.

I suspect it may be possible to code, but to this point haven’t found a native RW solution which can handle it.