Formsplus Uploads - Anyone else got this issue?

Having this issue time and again with my Formsplus Stack. Wondering if anyone here can weigh in.

When a user uploads a file to the server, a link is generated with :80 in the URL - the default port for HTTP. The site is HTTPS and the link fails to load.

I can manually remove the :80 and the link works.
I can change the :80 to a :443 (the default https port) and the link works fine.
I can change the link to http and the rewrite engine does the work for me and again the link works - but I would love for the link to work as intended, out of the box.

Anyone got any ideas?

Hi, this is an issue when the host has a proxy in front of their sites. The traffic goes:

Web → proxy (https) → server (http)

They terminate the ssl connection at the proxy instead of the server.

Please make sure you’re running the latest version of FormsPlus (eg 2.1.x) which has a patch for these hosts by seeing the http port is being used but the url is https.


Thanks. Will buy the update and report back.

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