Foundation 6 & 1 mixing: always bad news?

I’ve read in several threads that you shouldn’t mix Foundation 6 theme/stacks with the older Foundation 1 theme/stacks in the same website. But does this really mean the WHOLE website? I can see not mixing the tools on the same web page, but…

What I’m thinking is that I’d like to refurbish (a long neglected) Foundation 1 website into Foundation 6. My idea is to rebuild the 4 or 5 main pages in F6 theme with F6 stacks but keep a bunch of peripheral, rarely used pages in F1 (these are not even connected in the main menu/navigation structure, only by links). Is that really asking for trouble?

Any guidance here greatly appreciated!

The problem here is that you have to select either F1 or the F6 theme for the project, so although you could have F1 stacks on one page and F6 on another, they would all use whatever theme you had selected for the project.

You would have to have 2 projects, one with the F1 theme and the other with F6. You would then have to manage the two separately and publish separately. More bother that it’s worth I would have thought and fraught with the possibility of becoming confused.

I’d bite the bullet and go with F6 personally.

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Why not simply assign the F6 theme to the pages you want to rebuild with F6 and leaver the other pages as they are? In the “Page Styles” of RapidWeaver you would have to turn off “Use Master Style” for that page and at “Page-Specific Theme” select the F6 theme.

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This, in essence, is what I’m thinking about doing, as I’ve done in some projects. My only question is whether having these two themes together in in the same website (‘project’) is somehow radioactively toxic?

Thanks for the quick feedback. But I agree: Using two projects for the same small website does seem like too much of a hassle! My guess (and maybe Joe will chime in here) is that the warnings are actually about mixing F6/F1 theme/stacks within a page, not over an entire site…

I don’t think so, but in the end @joeworkman would be the one to definitely answer this question.

I think you should be fine on doing it page by page. Just make sure on the F6 pages you don’t use any of the F1 specific stacks and Vice versa.

Within RapidWeaver you can change themes on a page by page basis. You will lose some performance on ”second” page views. When a user goes from an F6 page to an F1 page, nothing will be read from the browsers cache.

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After both F5 and F6 pages have once loaded, most is cached.

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