Foundation 6 Hidden Content Downloaded?

Hiya, quick answer query hopefully. With Foundation 6 I’ve got a looping video animation to autoplay display for medium and large only and the equivalent sequence instead represented as a series of still images of far fewer number frames that transition as an alternative to a large data size video file, this still image sequence is set as visible only for small.

Am I right in thinking the visibility settings (small, medium and large) will only download the content for that breakpoint setting from the server?

I don’t want the video animation to download on a mobile device using mobile data but just be hidden from view, I don’t want it to download at all from the server, I’m guessing this is the case but just want to check.


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If you set the visibility directly on the F6 Video is will not stop mobile browsers from loading the video. It will cause the browser to prioritize the download so that it happens after the rest of the content on the page. However, the video will still be loaded.

If you want to not allow the video to be displayed at all, you will need my Agent stack. It’s a server side visibility stack that allows content to never be served down to the browser.


Thank Joe for that info, I’ll look in to Agent stack, so is this the same for all other stack content then? If a Container or Column is set to Hidden on a visibility setting for either small, medium or large it will still therefore download from the server but just be hidden from view in the browser?

Yes, that’t the case. It’s al done by the browser.

Joe’s Agent is very handy when it comes to heavier changes between desktop and mobile (and can do more magic, like operating system or browser detection.)

That’s great info, thanks, interesting regarding OS and browser detection also. That’s cleared that all up for me nicely, thanks.

From what I understand, if visibility is set directly on an image or video, then the browser will prioritize the download after the rest of the content on the page. However, if visibility is set on a parent container, the image/video will still be downloaded as if it were going to be displayed. Ultimately, the unwanted media will be downloaded. Therefore, Agent is a good tool to have.


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