Foundation contact form AJAX POST problem

(Rico IJntema) #1

Does anybody have this problem?
Since the recent foundation updates my contact form ‘Custom POST Address’ -> ‘POST AJAX’ function doesn’t work (it posts contact form data to a database) the ‘POST form action’ function still works correctly.
As far as I can figure out, nothing else has changed and the php script works, because the contact form data is published to the database if I set the ‘Custom POST address’ to ‘POST - form action’

Anyone else using this function and has the same problem?

Can the ‘POST AJAX’ function be broken since the recent updates of Foundation?

(Joe Workman) #2

It still seems to be working for me. Have you triple checked your code that is getting posted to? Is the request even getting made? Are there JS errors on the webpage? That could potentially cause things to not work on the page.

(Rico IJntema) #3

Thanks for checking! I’m currently checking everything. Strange thing is though that with Foundation 1.8.6 and ‘POST - form action’ nothing is coming into the database and with Foundation 1.8.3 it does.
But I will try to figure out where the root of the problem is.

(Joe Workman) #4

I assume that you republished all files since the update.

(scott williams) #5

I just tested one of mine and it’s working. (I am writing to a CSV file not a database)

(system) #6

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