Foundation Form | Select Box: What is "Value"?

Hello everybody,

Can someone tell me what is “Value” (see image below). I don’t understand as I can’t see the changes on Live External Preview.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I think that this is what is spit out on the email template once a form is submitted. Often a Value is the same as a Label. Not at my RW computer to confirm but I’m pretty sure that is what it’s for.

@jabostick is correct
The Label is the “Header” for that select box - what shows up to be selected.
The value is what you want to return for that option / what gets recorded.

What shows up TO select is: Weekly
What you get in the response email. is: one-week
Example: if you want a select box that had options "One, Two,Three (The Label)
But what you want returned is: 1,2,3 (The Value)


@swilliam has nailed it…

Thank you all for explaining this. :slight_smile: Now it’s all clear.
I appreciate it a lot.

Happy Weaving

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