Foundation logic?

I’m looking at the foundation theme, to make my next website.
But i think i don’t understand the concept.

Normal with a Theme you get a master, that you edit for your website, and all the pages that are linked to this master are updated with the theme settings.

But with foundation i have the feeling i need to change alle pages separately ??? What do i miss ?

Hi @PaSav,

You just need to understand the concept of partials in the Stacks plugin.
You may group any collection of stacks inside a 1 column stack, say a navigation bar stack for example. Hit the partial button at the top of the stacks window (see image), and now that creates a partial stack in your stacks library.
You add that stack to any page you want in your site.

Now when you are editing any page of your site, you can double click the partial that is sitting in the page, and it allows you to edit the contents. Anything you change will be reflected in every instance of that partial you have deployed on all the pages in your site.

You can partial any stacks. So you can make your own theme nav, footer, whatever, and it will be consistent everywhere you place it.

That was i missed. Only so i do need to add all the partials on all my pages.

Yes, once you make a partial for lets say the navigation (topbar or off canvas), it needs to be put on every page you want navigation to exist. The cool things with partials, you change one on one page, and they all change on all of the pages. So if you slightly change the color of your topbar, you do NOT have to do it on every page, as the partial takes care of that.
Make sense??

It makes sense, is it wise to put all particles on 1 “setting page” ?

not sure what you mean by particles on 1 setting page…

@PaSav You don’t need to worry about that. It matters not with page you create any partial. Once it’s created, no matter which page it exists on or which page it’s edited on, all instances of it in your site inherit the changes.

Creating a page just to create and manage your partials would be purely aesthetic. But possibly nice to have to keep tack of all the partials you make for that particular site.

Sometimes it is good to have partials on a not published “setting page”. If no Partial will be used on the project, the partial will be deleted. I don’t know if partials should do this, but this is my experience.

This is indeed the expected behaviour of a partial. If you create a partial, then remove it from all pages in the project, after closing and reopening the project, the partial will have been deleted from the stacks library, as it has not been found to be in use anywhere in the project.

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