Foundation Reveal Launcher Image

With Foundation, is there any way to create a reveal launcher image? As opposed to a button? Thank you.

Just drop an image stack into the launcher content stack drop zone, that will then launch it.

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I actually didn’t explain my question correctly but regardless it’s essentially the same question.

I want to have an image launch a dropdown (not reveal lightbox). The only way I know how to do this at the moment is to assign a button as Type: Open Dropdown. And assign which dropdown ID to show.

Dropping an image stack into the launcher content stack drop zone is what will be launched. Presumably by a button. I want to use an image to launch the drop zone content.

Hopefully that cleared up my question? Maybe? Thanks!!

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Not totally sure of your question / which stacks you are using. But does this answer it:

Replace the text link example with an image link

Yes, that’s it. Thank you!

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