Foundation theme, stacks 3 page, html stack with php code doesn’t work


When I include the code below in a html stack:

<?php include ’resources/inc/l_history.php’; ?>

The resulting php file (export or publish) get contents below (which doesn’t work)

Should be:

Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Is it because of the curly quotes you’ve used, instead of plain (straight) quotes?

The quotes in the code you’ve provided in your forum post are curly quotes. I don’t know whether that happened after you posted the code here in the forum or whether the same is true of the code in your website. But I think it should be:

<?php include 'resources/inc/l_history.php'; ?>

And make sure the page has a .php extension, not a .html one.

Smart quotes can be turned off in System Preferences, within the keyboard section.

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You are right, that solved the issue for me!
I’ve turned off smart quotes now.