Foundation theme, stacks 3 page, html stack with php code doesn’t work

(malteo) #1


When I include the code below in a html stack:

<?php include ’resources/inc/l_history.php’; ?>

The resulting php file (export or publish) get contents below (which doesn’t work)

Should be:

Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?

(Will Woodgate) #2

Is it because of the curly quotes you’ve used, instead of plain (straight) quotes?

The quotes in the code you’ve provided in your forum post are curly quotes. I don’t know whether that happened after you posted the code here in the forum or whether the same is true of the code in your website. But I think it should be:

<?php include 'resources/inc/l_history.php'; ?>

And make sure the page has a .php extension, not a .html one.

Smart quotes can be turned off in System Preferences, within the keyboard section.

(malteo) #3


You are right, that solved the issue for me!
I’ve turned off smart quotes now.