FR: Add Name to placed Stacks

Hi, I’m missing a feature where I can rename a stack placed in the RW editor or add a Name to it. If I have 5 times a stack named “Hyper Content Stack” I just don’t remember what content is behind each one.

Opening und hiding them over and over again is just annoying. Keeping them always open make editing cumbersome.

If I could add something like: “Hyper Content Stack (Intro)” … that would help a lot.

This has been a requested feature for a while:

I like this feature – it’s just finding a way to integrate it into the UI that has prevented me for moving forward. If I can solve that dilemma, I’ll aim for adding it in 3.2.


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Ah, didn’t know about the GitHub setup. Will take a look there first now.

However, at the top of the Stacks edit section is the name of the used stack displayed. How about just making that editable? Simple and straight forward. This area takes up a lot of screen space anyway.

  1. not at all simple. actually very difficult.
  2. only visible on of the three view modes.