[Free.fr] typed.com stack working or not?

Hello all typed.com stacks owner,

Free.fr is a french ISP and provides free webspace up to 10 GB … but PHP is really not the best in the world :slightly_smiling:

before i buy the stack i would test a page !
can someone export a folder with an already setup typed.com page, so i could upload to the french ISP Free.fr to check if it’s working or not ?

don’t answer me : get a real web hosting (i have one on OVH.com)


Hi Fred,
Just send you an export.
Cheers, Jannis

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Thank you Jannis for your time.

i’m sorry to announce it’s not working on Free.fr web hosting :frowning:

Yeah, free.fr does not support PHP Curl module, which is a standard module. Get back to your provider and ask for an update of the PHP installation.