Future theme - copyright-protect images?

In the Future theme, is there a way (Stack?) to keep visitors from right-clicking to save/download images?
The big banner image seems like it can’t be downloaded, but other images I put in my page can be, and they download in full size that I drag-and-dropped them into the page.
And so far I’ve been dragging full-res pics into my pages - should I instead be reducing image sizes? Or does the theme copy the images at smaller memory size?

Check out my Image Safe stack…

Thank you Joe! So with this one wouldn’t be able to right-click any images? It doesn’t apply any watermark however?

Yes, you should be downsizing them. They should be no wider in pixels then the maximum size they’ll be able to display at. So, if at desktop size, the image is never larger than 800 px wide, then resize your images down to that. If you want to have high-res for retina displays, then scale to double the maximum size they’ll be displayed at.

You should also use a lossless compression tool, like ImageOptim, with “Enable lossy minification” unchecked in the Quality settings.

Thanks for the tip! At the moment I’m dragging full-res as I come to grips with everything. However, I imagine, unlike working in DW, if I downsize specific pics for use on my site, I don’t need to keep them linked to my page from a folder in my site root folder? If I’m understanding how RW8 works, when I drag an image in, it gets copied?

As long as “copy into document” is selected in Advanced settings.

When you get to thinking about your galleries, I would definitely search the site for “warehousing” images. Basically, it’s like you used to do with DW, where you manually put the images on your server with an FTP app. With as many images as you’ll be dealing with, it’ll be much easier in the long run.

I’d scale the images to the max size you want and then run them through ImageOptim. You’ll be surprised how much extra it still takes out of them.

Yes I have Copy selected.
When I use the app for making up the galleries, it automatically creates all the thumbnails, bigger images and all the content for that gallery and places it all into proper folders. I simply upload one folder with everything each gallery needs. I’ll just have to make folders in which to organize the galleries according to how I want them listed on my page and upload them in the same hierarchy on the server.
The images I was referring to were the ones I’ll use for the banner and any other ones I’d put on my pages individually.

I just checked about ImageOptim and it looks pretty good. I think I’ll try it out.

Thanks again for the info!

Blocking right-clicking won’t even slow down real theft. Anything you display on the internet is downloaded to the user’s computer. And the real thief knows easily how to get around the blocked right-click.

Watermarks are your best protection from theft.

You might want to check out PhotoBulk for Mac. Especially if have quite a few images to process. It will resize, optimize and watermark all images in a folder in a single pass.


In addition to what @teefers says about the lack of copy protection, disabling right-clicking also takes away all the vitally important accessibility controls that disabled users to your website rely on for viewing and navigating your content. Disabling right-clicking is just a crazy stupid thing to do in any public facing website. People who still think this is a viable copy protection solution need their heads examined!

Watermark the images for the best protection. If you are that concerned about people stealing them, then don’t put them on the website in the first place. Or require membership access to them, so you know who is viewing them.

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Thank you, guys! All advice is noted :slight_smile:
I’m going to buy PhotoBulk this evening as it looks like something I’ll use a ton.

Going forward, I’ll make sure to incorporate light watermarks on my images.

Great to have so many users on here willing to share their experience and advice; RW8 is a nice platform and I’m enjoying the process, thanks to you all with your help.

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