Ghost/RW Integration

Does anyone have any suggestions for Ghost/Rapidweaver integration? I’d like to start using Ghost because of integration with Ulysses. Alas, MediaTemple does not support Ghost. So unless I figure out a way to link to it, I’ll have to migrate my entire site elsewhere.

Within the base RapidWeaver product I don’t expect any integration with Ghost or any other similar service will happen, but I’d happily be proven wrong.

Ghost exposes a really superb API. Have you looked at it yet?

The /pages and /posts API’s are where I would start. You don’t say what kind of workflow you are trying to achieve exactly but would it be along the lines of:

  1. You use Ulysses for creating content and use its integration with Ghost to push content into Ghost.
  2. You then use (I’ll come on to this bit) the /posts or /pages API to ‘pull’ the HTML back from Ghost into RW.
  3. You publish RW and your content is now in your RW site.

How you pull the data back from Ghost and process it would be up to you. A custom stack might work - but would be fragile because if the Api changes it’ll shatter. A trivial Python/Java/Go or whatever application could do the ETL for you though.

Loads of possibilities there. In fact I bet the limiting factor here would be RapidWeaver and its lack ( I think ) of user level APIs.


Are you just looking to show the content from Ghost in your RW page? If so, have you considered an iframe or something like that?

if you describe what ‘integration’ means to you maybe we can help in a more meaningful way?

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Ulysses generates markdown files?

You are able to use a markdown file folder inside Poster Stack to generate a blog.

Ulysses generates markdown files and integrates with Ghost.

I don’t really like frames, they don’t integrate that well. Ideally, I’d just like to have the Ghost blog on the site. Apparently there’s a way to do this by creating a subdomain. MediaTemple doesn’t support Ghost, and i hate to switch just for this reason.

Here is a demo with a Ghost like layout:

And this demo illustrates using a folder of markdown files as a blog:

I don’t think you will get closer.

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Yep, iframes suck.
Still not clear on what kind of workflow you are looking for but in the meantime it looks like the Poster stack could get you a very long way to emulating Ghost. Good luck.

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