Glider stack by Joe Workman

Is it possible to get Joe Workman’s ‘Glider’ stack to display a site’s navigation menu?

You could of course drop any menu stack in there - is this a Foundation situation or another theme?

If we are talking Foundation then the Side Nav stack works well in Glider and gives you reasonable styling options. There is one here for instance

You can access the RW menu by inserting the %navigation% macro into an HTML stack but this will give you a raw unordered list which you will need to style with CSS manually.

Thanks @tav . I’m salivating over those Sondek plinths!

It’s not a Foundation-based site sadly (shan’t link to it so as not to offend the theme dev.) - it’s a site that I’ve been curating for a long, long time now for our village and is a large one (many, many pages). It’d be a real labour of love to convert it although never say never.

How I wish you hadn’t linked me to that LP12 plinth site! I’m a LP12 owner and now… off to look at menu stacks. But first, another look at those plinths :wink:

If you want one of those plinths - let me know. It is me that makes them for him in my spare time so I can get you a deal. I have some gorgeous English oak at the moment. :wink:


Of course I want one. But there’s a problem… wife :slight_smile: But thanks for the offer; I’ve bookmarked the site and one day…

Ha - tell me about it. With hi-fi it’s all about WAF. I currently have some new valve amps coming and still haven’t formulated a strategy to introduce them. I’m still trying to decide between an elaborate rouse or just take the hit for a couple of weeks until it blows over :wink: