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I have a GOcontent stack here

The first entry (green text ATTAIN … links perfectly.

The 2nd entry … Today we’d like… will not link no matter wwhat I do !
In safari if I go to Develop menu and Show Page Source… I can see the link and click on it perfectlly. So I dont know what on earth is going wrong.
Very grateful for any advice

(Anne Bourdon) #2

In safari, if I go to Develop menu and Show Page Source : I don’t see the link.
Here is what I see : <a class="">Today we’d like to introduce you to Dr. Sarah Murphy.</a>

The first entry works perfectly, as you say, and contain : <a class="" href="http://www.malibutopalisadeslifestylepubs.com/2018/01/02/attain-optimal-well-being-at-zuma-wellness/">ATTAIN OPTIMAL WELL-BEING AT ZUMA WELLNESS</a>

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Thank you so much for taking the timne to check that annebourdon.
You are right and I have now fixed it. It seems that in this case when I clicked the external link icon, it want really clicking, when clicked correctly it gets highlighted and then the link is in place.
THANKS for your help.

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