Goodmorning, I am

a new user. I am from Holland and I work for a short time with rapid weaver. Really nice, but I have some questions, wich I hope can be answered here.

Greatings BWK

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Good to have you with us. This forum is great for its support. Have a great day!

Well, ask ahead :slight_smile:

I’ll give advice though no specifics asked…

1.) If you haven’t already Get Stacks3 plugin and build your site entirely with stacks (except for a few exceptions perhaps). Stacks3 will allow you to use the hundreds of available 3rd party “stacks.”

2.) From day one, learn how to use Partials within the Stacks system.

3.) Learn how to build Responsive pages and design each and every page while considering and testing for ALL screen sizes.

Oh… and… as you say… Good Morning! Enjoying a cup of coffee here…


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