Great booking site

If you are looking for an awesome answer to a booking solution check out square appointments. It’s free for an individual and reasonable for multiple users. It’s easy to setup and and embed into your site. It gives great notification confirmations and reminders. Handles cancelations and payments.
If you have a need this is a great solution. Took 10 minutes to set up and go live.


Any chance of a link to see it in action?

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Looks OK, thanks. One observation. If you start to make a booking and then change your mind, I couldn’t find any way to ‘back out’ and close the timezone window.


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Whilst I like the look of Square Appointments unfortunately it isn’t yet available in the United Kingdom #shame. Can anyone suggest an alternative ??

It looks like Square Appointments is connected to Squareup, which looks like an online payment gateway and processor and instore card machine operator.

As such, I suspect any payments made against booking using Square Appointments will have to be processed via Squareup, and for that they charge a whooping 2.5%.

If I’m correct, it just points to the old adage: Ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

IMO there are better solutions out there that do not restrict your payment processor and with which you don’t run the risk of them moving the goalposts down the line and making it a paid for service.

for my client all she wanted was the ability to book. The solution was easy and perfect for her needs.
I’d love to know what other ones you have had success with.

Thank you Linda… my attitude, if the customer is happy… I am happy. If it doesn’t work out you can worry about an alternative. Really cool how easy it is to set up. I bookmarked it…

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